Computer Repair At Home Or Work

Computer Repair At Home Or Work

Computer running slowly?, Internet connection problems?, We offer a full on-site PC and laptop repair service and can diagnose and repair the majority of most hardware and software problems. Arrange for one of our trained technicians to visit your home or office and carry out repairs, upgrades or maintenance work, at a time which is convenient for you.

Faveo Computers operate a "no-fix-no-fee" policy, where if we cannot diagnose or rectify the problem you don't pay a penny.

Note: While we are able to carry out the majority of work on site, in some instances and for certain hardware upgrades it is necessary for us to take your PC or Laptop to our workshop to complete the repair. Once the repair has been completed we will return your working computer to your home or office at no extra charge.

Wireless and Wired Networks

Wireless and Wired NetworksWe provide a full installation, repair and maintenance service for both wired and wireless networks including:

Secure Wireless Networks: We can create secure wireless networks (802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n), which are protected from unauthorised access by encoding all your data using wireless encryption protocols such as: Wireless Protected Access (WPA) and Wireless Protected Access II (WPA2).

LAN/ WAN Networks: We can quickly configure and troubleshoot all attached peripheral devices including: Routers, Switches and Hubs.

Device Configuration: We are able to configure and install printers, laptops, pc's, Xbox 360's, Sony PS3's, iPhones, Blackberry's, Mobile Phones and NAS devices, allowing you to share data between devices and making full use of your network.

Upgrades for PC's and Laptops

Upgrades for PC's and LaptopsIf you find that your computer or laptop is no longer up to running the latest programmes or simply takes longer than you like to operate, upgrading can provide a cost effective alternative to buying a new PC or laptop.

We can help you upgrade your PC to the latest specifications or install the latest case modifications such as led fans and water cooling systems.

Please see our prices page for details of costs and our dedicated laptop repair page for more information. Contact us now for free advice, to discuss your requirements or to arrange a visit.

We can supply and install the following components/ upgrades:

  • Hard Drives/ Optical Drives: CD/ DVD/ DVDR/ BluRay
  • Processors and Graphics Cards
  • Additional Memory/ RAM
  • Power Supplies
  • Wired or Wireless Network Cards
  • Peripherals: Monitors/ Keyboards/ Screens

Faveo Design

2D Drafting, Paper 2 CAD Conversion, CAD Drawing Revisions and UpdatesWe are also pleased to offer Computer Aided Design (CAD) Drafting Services through our sister company Faveo Design:

Faveo Design - CAD Design, Drafting CAD services.Faveo Design can turn your hand-drawn drawings, mark-ups or sketches into professional CAD drawings. We can take your paper drawings and convert them in to CAD drawing files, revise existing CAD drawings, produce “one-off” drawings or designs and provide freelance drawing services.

Password Recovery Service

Password Recovery ServiceWe offer a full password reset and recovery service, and can remove or reset passwords on any working windows based computer system. We can reset the windows log on password, reset the windows Administrator password and recover windows email account and Wi-Fi passwords.

If you are experiencing any of the following password problems then we can help, and will have you logged back into your computer or email account in no time.

  • Locked out of your Microsoft Windows based PC?
  • Forgotten your password or Administrator password?
  • A member of your family changed the password by mistake?
  • Forgotten your wireless network password/ WPA key?
  • Forgotten your windows mail/ Outlook or Outlook express password?

Please see our prices page for details of costs. Please note a working CD/ DVD Drive or free USB slot is required for this service.

Remote Support

Remote SupportRemote computer support is a way for our customer support team to gain direct visibility into the problems our customers are experiencing - through the eyes of our customers. By using this remote support software, we can save you time and frustration and focus on solving your issues quickly and efficiently.

Please see our dedicated remote support page for further details.

Virus and Malware Removal

Virus and Malware RemovalViruses and malicious software also known as Malware/ Adware is becoming more of a threat to PC users every day. Having an infected machine can lead to the loss of important data, a noticeable reduction in your machine's performance, and lead to your PC being used to run mass email sending programmes without your permission.

We can remove the following types of infections:

  • Police Central e-crime Unit Ransomware Virus
  • System Progressive Protection Fake Antivirus
  • Virus Melt Fake Antivirus Warning
  • UKASH Police Virus

We will scan and remove all virus and malware infections and advise on measures you can take to prevent further infection. For more detailed information please visit our virus removal service page.

Computer Troubleshooting

Computer TroubleshootingWindows won't start?, unexplained error messages?, blue screens of death? (BSOD), network connection problems?, crashing or freezing, generally running slow or poor performance?, over heating systems? - we can fix them all.

If you are experiencing any of the these problems the first thing to do is not to panic. Switch your computer off at the mains to prevent any further damage and contact one of our engineers to arrange a visit.

We will then arrange to visit you at your home or your place of work and get your system up and running again. In certain situations such as hardware failure, it may be necessary for us to take your computer back to our workshop for further analysis. We will then advise you of the cost of carrying out the repair before any work is undertaken.

Please see our prices page for details of costs.

Operating System Upgrade

Operating System UpgradeWe can help you with the installation of any new software you may have purchased or simply help you to migrate to the latest version of Microsoft Windows.

When we install a new operating system we will also carry out the following additional services within the upgrade package:

  • Apply all the latest service packs and patches from Microsoft
  • Re-install your Antivirus software or install the latest version of AVG Antivirus if none is supplied
  • Install open-source anti-malware scanning and removal software to prevent malware infections
  • Install latest version of Open Office and any other open-source software you may require
  • Set-up and configure Windows firewall or re-install any existing firewall software you may have
  • Defragment hard drives and optimise your internet browser cache settings to reduce future fragmentation of the drive

We install or upgrade the following operating systems:
Windows XP, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

Microsoft © Windows™ Anti Piracy: When you purchase a new laptop or desktop computer you are required to create a “System Recovery CD disk” in the event of hard disk failure or before your PC warranty expires. If you have not created a system recovery disk and cannot produce the original Windows Vista, XP or 7 disks for us to re-install your Microsoft Windows system. We may need to charge you for a new Windows Operating System licence.

Please see our prices page for details of costs.

Optimisation and Tune-Up

Optimisation and Tune-UpOver time your PC or laptop can gradually begin to slow down as unused files begin to build up on the hard drive, remnants of uninstalled software remain and internet browser cache files take up unnecessary hard disk space.

Vital cooling fans can also become blocked with dust and debris leading to over heating, system freezes and unexpected shutdowns. As part of our “tune-up” service we offer a multi-point hardware and software check including:

  • Consultation and advice on maintaining your system after the work has been complete
  • Free advice on the best route for any hardware or software upgrades you may require
  • Removal of dust/ debris from inside your machine, ensuring all fans are able to rotate freely and air can circulate throughout the computer case
  • Scan and removal of viruses/ malware/ adware and any other undesirable programs
  • Check and update Antivirus software and firewall configuration
  • Hard drive optimisation including: removal of left over installations, disk integrity check, disk defragmentation and internet cache optimisation
  • Update the system with the latest service packs and graphics card drivers
  • Network and TCP/IP settings optimisation

Note: Most systems respond well to this service however if the problems are more severe it is more effective to re-install the Operating System. We will advise the best course of action after a carrying out a review of your computer.

Please see our prices page for details of costs.