Computer and Laptop Hardware Upgrades

motherboard upgradesShould your desktop computer or laptop no longer be capable of running the latest programmes or simply takes longer than you like to start-up and run applications, upgrading can provide a cost effective alternative to buying a new computer.

We can assist you with upgrading your computer to the latest specifications, replace faulty power supplies, faulty hard drives, upgrade to a larger capacity hard drive or add more RAM so applications load faster.

Please see the following list for a sample of the components we install:

  • Hard Drives/ Optical Drives: CD/ DVD/ DVDR/ BluRay
  • Processor and Graphics Cards
  • Memory/ RAM
  • Power Supply
  • Wired or Wireless Network Cards
  • Peripherals: Monitor/ Keyboard/ Mouse

Please see our prices page for details of costs.

30 Day Warranty

All the work we undertake carries a 30 day labour only warranty*. If the same problem re-occurs within 30 days of the repair (from date as shown on the invoice), we will rectify the problem for free (excludes the cost of any additional parts required). All new hardware supplied carries a 12 month manufacturers warranty unless stated otherwise.