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Computer Repairs In Otley

Computer Repair At In OtleyOur computer repair specialists operate from our base in Yeadon just 2 miles from Otley. We are a computer and laptop repair company whose specialities include: computer repairs, maintenance, computer upgrades, remote support, fault diagnosis, virus removal and wireless networking.

Otley Computer Repair Services

We offer the following computer services to customers from Otley and the surrounding areas, and many more besides. If you are having computer problems please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Virus and Malware Removal in Otley

Virus and Malware RemovalViruses and malicious software also known as Malware/ Adware is becoming more of a threat to PC users every day. Having an infected machine can lead to the loss of important data, a noticeable reduction in your machine's performance, and lead to your PC being used to run mass email sending programmes without your permission.

We can remove the following types of infections:

  • Police Central e-crime Unit Ransomware Virus
  • System Progressive Protection Fake Antivirus
  • Virus Melt Fake Antivirus Warning
  • UKASH Police Virus

We will scan and remove all virus and malware infections and advise on measures you can take to prevent further infection. For more detailed information please visit our virus removal service page.

Laptop Repair Service in Otley

laptop repairWe offer a wide range of laptop repair services including: replacement laptop hard drives, replacement laptop CD/ DVD/ DVDRW drives, laptop keyboard repair or replacement, LCD screen replacement, memory upgrades, operating system installations and new laptop set-up.